Providing talent in Data Science and AI Certificate taught by a Ph.D
AI Center of Excellence

Data Scientist Expertise

Data mining, machine learning, and big data

A core competency of Talentus includes our ability to fulfill the needs of the marketplace from junior data scientists to senior data scientists that have achieved both academic and real-world experiences and worked for major corporations. These professionals possess skills in leveraging data mining, machine learning, and big data as three core pillars.

Full-stack Applied AI Certification

Gain immediate real-world experience

  • Gain immediate real-world experience through our modular and stackable online learning certification, in less than 6 months, taught by a Ph.D.
  • Cohorts of 20 students, with live teaching and lab work on a leading-edge Full Stack Applied AI program with each module lasting 5 weeks.
  • Leveraging real-world tools: Slack, Zoom, Anaconda, and Jupyter Notebooks
  • Solve a real-world challenge during the hands-on program