Why does it seem like there’s always job offers for new openings in IT? Well, the truth is that emerging technology investment was projected to grow 58% in 2021 which is just about double of what was seen in 2019.  The problem is that this growth requires the addition of qualified employees to companies, which the job market was not prepared for. According to a Gartner survey, most companies believe that a shortage of talent stands in the way of the new technology they want to implement. However, within 75% of cases, the problem arose from IT automation technologies and across other similar fields like computer infrastructure, platform services, networking, security, and databases among others.

So, if companies have so many new projects that they wish to develop, what else is stopping them from carrying them out? Simply put, talent retainment. As it stands, 72% of tech employees in the US are considering leaving their current work within the next calendar year as per a survey from TalentLMS and Workable. Around 40% state that limited career opportunities play a role in this decision, as well as non-flexible work hours, lack of remote working options, feeling underappreciated, and toxic working environment…yikes. To further feel the impact, 85% of the workforce interviewed says they felt like companies focused more on new talent acquisition instead of investing on current staff.

How did we get here? Well, the pandemic sped up tech development in the span of less than a year and forced companies to roll out new ways to work and continue business. With such a great pressure of meeting technological demands, many IT workers started to feel burnout and reassess what they wanted out of their jobs, aside from salaries of course. This moment allowed for skilled workers to get back into school, switch industries, or make a lane for themselves in the freelance world. This put business between a rock and a hard place, how do they continue moving forward and manage to attract and retain new talent.

That’s where we come in. Find out more as to why nearshore outsourcing plays a vital role in this reemergence after the pandemic for the tech industries.