Every year the industry is changing, here are some facts about the tech industry in 2022. On this blog we will cover topics from emerging technologies to highest paid jobs and budget allocations. All of this information may be useful to those who are starting up in the industry and want to use these statistics as benchmarks for their companies.

Salary facts

First of all, let’s talk about salary ranges. The highest paid roles in the tech industry are computer and information research scientists at about $120 thousand per year. Following that are the computer network architects earning around $112 thousand annually. Closely behind we have the software developers at about $107 thousand a year. Scattered on this list you’ll find computer programmers, database admins, and computer systems analyst in the range of $85 – $95 thousand annually.

Technology facts

Next are the fastests growing sectors in the tech industry. Leading the rounds is AI technology. AI is growing annually at 41% and is expected to reach $126 billion by the year 2025. This is as expected since AI has become the “hot” commodity in the industry. However, one that is growing is the deep learning sector. This technology is expected to expand from $4.4 billion to over $44 billion in the next 5 years. Be on the lookout as this seems to be a promising industry. Another surprising technology is the chatbots. This technology is expected to grow just as quickly reaching about $455 billion in 2027. Likewise, on when it comes to growing technology never count out eCommerce. In the next decade expect to see every powerful market surpass $10 billion annually.

Finally, here are some other important statistics from the past year. AI applications within the market will reach about $31 billion in 2025. About half (44%) of businesses plan to or have already implemented a digital transformation due to COVID-19. The five brands with highest global values are: Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung.

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