What crosses your mind when you hear soft skills for the tech world? First, let’s define what is a soft skill. Soft skills are the abilities employees possess additionally to their role at a company. these additional skills help employees stand out from the rest. some examples of soft skills are the ability to communicate clear ideas or manage time effectively. Soft skills aren’t taught in a course or through a university, they are abilities people develop through time and experience.

Which soft skills to look for?

In the IT and tech world there are some soft skills that are much more sought out than others. We will go over the top 5 we look for here at Talentus.

  1. Teamwork. As cliche as it may seem, one of the vital traits to have is the ability to work as a team. Working in IT means that everyone on the team should be responsible for certain tasks. There is one common goal and everyone should be striving to fulfill it. Having someone who doesn’t work well means that morale may be lower as the rest of the team needs to carry extra weight.
  2. Communication. This skill goes hand in hand with teamwork. The ability to communicate clearly helps solve problems much faster. It is much easier to ask for help. Coworkers receive instructions much clearer and work is delegated.
  3. Time management. Tech work isn’t about punching a clock and waiting for 5 to go home. That’s why it is vital that employees use their time wisely and carryout goals within a reasonable timeframe.
  4. Creativity. This goes hand in hand with problem solving as things like debugging or writing code aren’t always straight forward. Having creative employees means that everything isn’t black and white for the team. Being able to think out of the box is a must in the modern world.
  5. Adaptability. 3 years ago we all had to commute to get to work. Now, we use apps to communicate with our team and work from the comfort of our home. If employees aren’t able to adapt to new work environments, there is a higher chance to miss objectives.

Which soft skills would you include? Are you looking to higher IT talent for your company, try nearshore talent with Talentus today!