You might find yourself asking what’s the difference between software engineer and software developer. The differences are actually more than what you would think. A software engineer applies engineering principles to the software as well as analytics. On the other hand a software developer leads the project based on the clients needs. Here’s a better look at the differences.


The areas of expertise for both are in computer science, however, an engineer is more involved in the construction as a whole of the software. While a developer solves key points ensuring the project meets the requirements of the client. The skills required by an engineer are much more technical in the sense of building the actual software. They are involved in the process from scratch as they write the code. Meanwhile, the software developer is more of the leader that balances between client needs and capability of the software. A software developer is the creative mind behind the project, as they interpret the needs and think of the user experience to provide the best possible solution.

In theory because software engineers have more technical knowledge, it is common to see engineers become software developers as they have a clearer understanding of the technical aspect and have a scope of how a program can be written. In both cases, a degree in computer science is crucial. When recruiting for your next project be sure to keep in mind what you need. Are you looking for someone to build your software or do you need someone to lead the project? If you’re unsure let us help you! Here at Talentus we specialize in nearshore outsourcing for IT. We can help you find the right fit anywhere in LATAM. You’ll receive vetted candidates for you to review. For more information click here. Don’t forget to follow our social media.