Why should you consider nearshore outsourcing? Nearshore outsourcing in Latin America is becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to reduce costs, access new technologies, and take advantage of highly skilled software developers. Latin American countries are home to a growing number of talented software engineers and developers with experience in the latest technologies. Moreover, they offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to outsource their software development needs.

Outsourcing in Latin America historically took place exclusively in the US and Europe. However, recent estimates indicate that the region will account for 50% of offshore outsourcing activity this year, with a growing number of businesses looking to take advantage of the lower costs. The 2008 financial crisis and economic recession led to a significant increase in outsourcing activity from large companies seeking cost-cutting measure. Companies like Apple, IBM, and Cisco took advantage of outsourcing to maximize resources. However this outsourcing was mostly offshore and posed some difficulty when it came to timezones and logistics.

That being said, the increase in nearshore outsourcing in Latin America has helped solve this issue. Talented software developers in LATAM have enabled many businesses to re-enter the market. At Talentus we look to connect top talented candidates with your business project. Meanwhile, your company will be able to adapt to its needs and not have to worry about an employee retention rate. Also, the ability to work around holidays is a huge advantage when trying to meet demands or deadlines. That init of itself is a reason why you should consider nearshore outsourcing to Latin America. Be sure to give us a follow on our social media and stay connected with everything Talentus.